CEG maintains a very small roster of carefully-selected management clients, which allows us to devote individualized and comprehensive attention. CEG’s label services capabilities and extensive knowledge in every area of the business separate us from most management companies in the industry.

The projects that CEG has worked on over the years have earned gold and platinum album awards, broken Billboard chart records, and have won Grammys. We are proud to be associated with some of the most notable names in popular culture and some of the most legendary artists in music.

CEG helps guide, focus, market, and manage all of our artist’s business, protect their creative/artistic vision, and maximize their potential in all areas (recording, touring, publishing, sponsorships, merchandise, etc.)

CEG is currently in search of management clients.


CEG customizes plans for each artist/clients’ specific needs and provides a wide range of marketing services to clients including: strategy consulting, facilitation of distribution agreements, radio servicing/promotion, streaming optimization (playlisting and best practices), social networking, support marketing for labels, and more.

By having an in-house marketing services company, CEG is able to offer our management clients a much broader scope of services for today’s music business, developing strategic, long-term plans to build and maintain artist brands to achieve successful, long-lasting careers.


CEG‘s label services are the industry standard for releasing independent music. We create a record label that belongs to the artist, we help in setting up distribution, and we plan and execute a marketing/sales campaign that is competitive with that of a major record label. When an artist uses CEG‘s label services, they maintain ownership of their music, they exert complete control over the marketing of their art, and they keep all of the profit.

CEG can provide an infrastructure like major labels offer, ensuring that each album release is on par competitively with any major record release in the industry. For some clients, CEG is hired to manage or become their personal record label. Our staff can design and execute marketing campaigns for entire record roll outs and oversee the daily operations of a record label: sales (all revenue streams), distribution, art, production, publicity, radio promotion, internet marketing, advertising and more.

CEG is a full-service label services company that can:
-Design and execute entire campaigns.
-Oversee all aspects of an album release.
-Manage a release as part of an existing label structure.

Our first label services project began in 2004 when we assisted Collective Soul with creating their label, El Music Group, and distributed it through ADA/Warner Music. We helped Downtown Records set up their label infrastructure and market Gnarls Barkley’s debut album. We have helped Jackson Browne sell hundreds of thousands of albums on his label, Inside Recordings. We helped David Crosby and Graham Nash operate Blue Castle Records as well as CSN Records. We helped Bonnie Raitt launch her imprint, Redwing Records and release of her first independent album Slipstream – with sales over 400k and a Grammy winner.

Many of music’s elite have sought our guidance/consultation since our founding in 2003, including Alanis Morissette, Smokey Robinson, Leann Rimes, The Doobie Brothers, Jason Mraz, Gnarls Barkley and many others.

We have consulted consumer products giants like Walmart and Proctor and Gamble. We have helped movie studios like 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures market soundtracks for movies including Oblivion, Despicable Me 2, and The Simpsons Movie. We have also offered consultancy, on a limited basis, to major record labels and music publishers.


In today’s climate at major labels with so many bands and fewer marketing staff, CEG can act as an extension of management to ensure that full attention is paid to a project. CEG operates as a liaison between artist management and the label to ensure that the project stays on track and to help coordinate marketing efforts. We work with all departments (sales, marketing, publicity, online, etc.) to hold accountability and ensure timelines are being met. This frees up management to just deal with the specific needs of their artists.

When working with a label, CEG:
-Serves as the day-to-day product management team.
-Formulates a marketing plan with timelines and objectives to be approved by the label.
-Helps in creating and managing the marketing budget.
-Facilitates communication between all team members.
-Uses our extensive contact list to help create opportunities in addition to the label’s efforts.
-Compiles and services weekly marketing progress reports.
-Provides all departments with all assets, updates, and feedback.